Disaster strikes!

I have been having problems with the freewheel mechanism on the back wheel.  I have taken it into the shop for repair a couple of times. Excess friction was occurring and the wheel would scream whenever I flew downhill freewheeling.  With some descents having corners, pedalling down all the way is not really an option.  The last time I took it into the shop, it seemed to have done the trick.  No more friction.  No more vibrations. And no more screaming.

At the furthest point from home, standing at a red light and waiting to make a left turn, the lights changed to green.  No oncoming traffic going straight so I set off.  Only I didn’t.  No power from the pedalling at all.  The freewheel mechanism was just freewheeling.  A quick look behind me told me that there were no cars waiting to turn left so no issue there.  Once all the cars had gone straight, I pushed the bike over to the side and had a look to see what was going on.  There was nothing I could do that seemed to fix it.  I decided to walk back home.

I walked up the slight, but long, incline I would have been approaching had I been able to cycle away from the lights. Fortunately I was protected from the wind as I was going up but got the full force as I approached the summit.  With the back wheel freewheeling without issue, I had no problems sitting on my bike and let gravity and momentum take me down the other side.  At my next left turn, the back wheel seemed to have sorted itself out and I was able to make the turn and go up the slight hill immediately following the turn without issue.  Then there followed a long decline and towards the end I was thinking maybe I could continue with the long ride. However, the freewheel mechanism went again and I was left with no other option other than to limp home.


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