Breezin’ along

Third day back on the bike after the little sojourn and I woke to find the trees bent double by very strong winds.  I find wind a different challenge to deal with especially on days where it is blustery, coming from all directions. It is nothing like the constant head wind where you simply just tuck down and get on with it.  The wind comes at you in all directions and you have to be prepared otherwise you are going to be blown off course.

The snow was gone so there didn’t seem any danger of being blown on to unsafe parts of the road but I made sure I was not too close to the kerb just in case.  As I set off mid-morning, traffic was not heavy so this was not of great concern to me.  There were fallen branches to deal with in parts of the ride but nothing too major.  There was, however, half a tree down but that was in one of the neighbours’ front yard and I saw that even before I had left the house so no danger there.

I enjoyed the ride and it was without mishap.  Took two minutes longer to do than normal so I am sure the wind was a factor there.


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