Let it snow!

Last ride of the year and fifth ride in a row.  I checked my riding calendar and noticed that the last time I had ridden five days in a row was back in July.  December was turning out to be a busy month.  The rides are not as long as July where I was doing 30km rides and now I am only doing 20km rides.  So I set off having seen the ominous dark clouds on the horizon.

It was at the top of the first hill that I came across snow falling from the skies.  It was quite light and did not pose a problem.  I had no thought of abandoning the ride but would constantly monitor the situation.  As I freewheeled down the hill, I thought idly that the snow made neat lines on the sides of the front wheel.  The snow was not sticking to the main section of the wheel.  Brakes did not seem affected.  I climbed the second hill and was soon flying down the other side.  The snow was still not really an issue.  It wasn’t until I was at the mid point did it start falling heavier.  I had no option but to go on.

The next downhill I took really slow.  I was slightly concerned as the snow was lying thick.  I got around ok and the next section to worry about was the left turn.  I knew there was ice in the area having been cycling there the past four days but with the snow lying I wasn’t sure whereabouts it was.  There was a car waiting to turn left so I tried to come to a stop behind it and I think I hit the ice.  The back wheel started sliding forward but I was able to unclip my right shoe from the pedal before I went over. Once the cars had passed I walked the bike over.  The road I was on was clear on my side so that was not an issue.  I have one short hill to climb before I get home and I could feel the back wheel losing traction as I powered up it.  I took it nice and slow down the street.  I got to the end and saw four cars coming from the right but some distance away. Normally I would have gone out but today I waited for them to pass.  Just as well because as I joined the main road, I heard the bang of two of the cars crashing.

I was cycling down the home road thinking I had done quite well riding in the snow.  I hadn’t expected that much snow to fall whilst I was out.  In fact, I hadn’t expected any snow.  But then I came a cropper and slid on the snow and fell to the ground.  I was more embarrassed than anything.  I picked myself up, gave the bike a quick check over and continued to the 400 yards to home.  It had been a different ride.

Happy New Year to all.



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