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It’s freezin’ cold, like

31 January 2010

It was cold this morning. Not the coldest I have been out cycling but when the windchill is added to, or subtracted from, the temperature, it felt the coldest. My head was aching within two minutes. I didn’t do a long ride as I had planned to. Mainly because I didn’t want to be so far from home if I discovered it was too cold to do a long ride. So I wimped out. At least I am around to do another ride tomorrow.

The three days break really did me good. My legs had felt tired after the ride on Wednesday, my knees were aching. A rest was much needed.  I only meant to have two days rest but I ended up taking yesterday off also as it was even colder than today.  Yes, call me a wimp.  I can take it!! 🙂


Montauk Century

28 January 2010

Just received via Facebook an invite to do the Montauk Century.  It is 13 days before the 400k so I am tempted to do it and to see how all the training makes a difference to the ride.  I do this century ride every year with very little preparation so it will be interesting to see how this year compares to all the others.  If you want to do the ride, click on this link and join up: Montauk Century

No riding today or tomorrow – giving my legs two days off before the weekend.

Do you dream in brevets?

27 January 2010

My dreams last night were filled with brevets except they weren’t cycling but running.  It was very strange.  A series of four runs seeing the same people on the different runs.  What’s unusual about this is that I don’t run, not even for a bus! 🙂

When I woke this morning just before 7, the sun was rising and I could see the trees were perfectly still.  Temperature was just above freezing but it was a beautiful day to go riding.  I quickly dressed and out I went.  Very little traffic on the road.  I even saw one Optimum driver warn another driver that I was there as he was waiting for me to pass before he turned left but the driver coming up on his right was wanting to turn right and may not have seen me.  That was a pleasant turn of events and one for the book.

I was aware of my pace throughout the ride and tried to get back to a 4.0 pace after doing the second hill up to Motor Parkway.  It was after flying down the other side that I bettered the 4.0 and I made sure that I maintained that, and improved on that pace for the rest of the ride.  All in all a good ride.

RUSA membership

26 January 2010

Woo hoo, I received my RUSA membership number.  Any brevet I complete counts towards something.  Not sure what but it counts!!  🙂

Back outside

26 January 2010

The front came and went so I was able to get back outside today.  It was fairly windy at lunchtime but I managed to sneak in a quick 20km ride.  I had not even travelled a mile when I got my first “Oi! Oi!” out.  There was a right turn lane on a fairly quiet road and I was cycling on the border of it and the main highway.  I heard an SUV driver behind me blast a fairly lengthy beep.  He then cut in front of me and turned right.  There was easily enough space for him to have passed me by on the right.  He got the two fingered salute immediately followed by two Ois in rapid succession.  No reaction.  I felt like chasing him down but immediately knew the folly of that.

Temperatures were not too bad.  They were in the 40s so I shed one layer of tops, the outer gloves and the booties.  Felt comfortable.  Despite the wind, I put up a good time though I have still yet to work on the speed.  All in all, a nice ride.

Back indoors

25 January 2010

The weather was pretty bad today, howling winds and driving rain.  I got ready to start cycling indoors when I noticed that the Garmin was not picking up the heart rate monitor.  We had no spare batteries so I changed and went out to get some from the local shop.  They had none.  I finally found some at the third shop and I bought enough for all our devices.  However, by the time I got back home it was too late to start training and to shower before work started.  Work kept me occupied all day so I couldn’t nip on the bike at lunchtime and I ended up doing 20km just before yoga this evening.  The yoga was a nice work out on the muscles after the ride.  Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.

Cheating, cheating virtual buddies!

24 January 2010

Nice piece of coding they, Garmin, have in that there bike computer, Edge 705!

I have the setting on the Edge that the timer stops when I stop and it starts again when I start.  I know that for the brevets I will have to take that option off and keep the timer running constantly.  However, I would have expected that the virtual buddy would have the same setting.  But no, it doesn’t stop at red lights, it doesn’t stop at stop signs and it doesn’t miss turnings! (more…)

Feeling the effects

23 January 2010

With hindsight, I guess it either wasn’t a good idea to go drinking last night or not a good idea to go cycling at lunchtime. I enjoyed last night so I guess it wasn’t a good idea to go out cycling today. 🙂

It was actually a nice day for a ride.  Barely a cloud in the sky and just above freezing temperatures.  Breakfast stayed down so I decided a couple of hours later it was a good time to go riding.  The first couple of hills were not too bad and it wasn’t until I actually was climbing one of the less strenuous climbs that I felt a little sick.  I still had another twelve miles to go with the steepest climb left to do so I just stuck it out.  The steepest ascent was quickly climbed and I ended up doing the ride two minutes faster than last week.  That still is not much of an improvement when I think with my slicker tyres and warm sunny days, I was doing the ride twelve minutes quicker than today’s time.

Tomorrow I will be going down Route 25A a bit further still.  I don’t think there will much change in elevation, with the additional mileage, but we shall see.  Off to get some sushi now and no drinking!!

Laundry Days

22 January 2010

Never mind hot yoga, try hot cycling!

I bought some new cycling clothes for the winter as I was wearing the same stuff all week long and the basement was beginning to stink. On Wednesday I tried wearing three layers when I went out for a lunch time ride. I was overly hot. The air temperature was over 40F which probably contributed a lot to that. So I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home. Yesterday, I wore the same layers and with temperatures in the low 20s, I wasn’t as hot. I was still covered in sweat so the wicking process breaks down in one place, or two. But it is good to know I can still go cycling on laundry days!!

#328 Bus – your time is coming soon

19 January 2010

Twice in one week and at the same corner.