A bit too fast

When I woke up it was snowing.  Nooooo.  I decided to wait, thinking of the last ride in the snow.  I went out at lunchtime instead as the snow had melted on the roads and temperatures were above freezing.  The ride felt really good.  There was virtually no wind so going downhill in any direction was not hampered by air movements.  I felt strong and that was reflected in one of my fastest times since July.  I have to be careful not peak too soon and I want the winter rides to be just maintenance of leg muscle conditioning.  As I still have a few pounds to lose, the frequent riding helps but I don’t want to be going too fast.  I will try to curtail any desire to speed along.  Very pleasing ride nonetheless.


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2 Responses to “A bit too fast”

  1. wb416 Says:

    Great read so far Far… err… Paul! Look forward to reading more!

    We have much less ambitious Brevet goals… there seems to be 200-600K options here in Ohio, so we are looking into those.

    Are you using a standard road bike? We aren’t as comfortable on our road bikes (Cannondale Synapse) for rides over 30 miles, so we use our Touring bikes (Surly LHT) for longer rides. Not built for speed, but we feel better for longer…. must be our age showing.

    • Paul Murray Says:

      Yes, Bob. I have got a Trek 1200. Not a great bike but I know its limitations and know it handles well. There are better bikes out there but I am not doing time trials. I need a bike that will last the course and so far this bike looks as if it will. I may well need a new bike later this year if I find out that over longer rides, 300km and more, it is not suited for long distance. I shall surely see and will obviously blog any worrying limitations I come across. Stay tuned. 😉

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