Oi there

It was cold and blustery today.  I didn’t realise how blustery it was until I turned the first corner, then the wind hit me.  Definitely not in for a fast time today.  A good bonus was that the wind was behind me for the two uphills I have at the start of the route.  As I come back on myself for the second uphill, I also had the wind against me going down the first hill.  On my fastest section of the route, the wind got me and I only hit 29 mph.  I have got just over 39mph on the same stretch under ideal conditions.  Just after that, I came to the first major intersection.

The lights were on red as I approached with one car on my side of the road waiting to go straight on and three oncoming cars waiting to turn left. I hadn’t reached the intersection when the lights changed.  After many years cycling in traffic, you get to anticipate what drivers will do.  I knew the first driver would turn, what I didn’t know is if the second drive would.  I would be on the intersection when the second driver turned so I decided to be extra careful.  He did turn.  I could see the third car was waiting and I could also see the second car driver look directly at me. No apology or anything so I gave him my best “Oi!”  No reaction.  I gave him a second “Oi” and I saw his brake lights come on.  I had got a reaction so was content with that.  He should think twice before crossing the path of a cyclist again.  Some drivers…

Ocean Avenue was a long climb up.  The wind was in my face all the way to the summit and again I as freewheeled down the other side.  Motor Parkway was slow going west; I had lost all the wind advantage for the rest of the ride.  I had a similar situation at the next intersection with the lights just changing and some drivers waiting to turn left.  Fortunately, this time, the driver braked suddenly and let me pass.  I gave him a friendly acknowledgement by raising by left palm.  It is good to thank drivers who do something positive even though they should be behaving like that anyway.

Tomorrow is time for a new route.  I am going to explore 25A.  It is the road I am going to use for long training rides and even though I won’t be doing a long training ride tomorrow, I want to see how the built up areas are which are not that far from the house.


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2 Responses to “Oi there”

  1. Nick Says:

    It’s like a dive log, only for bike riding. Be careful in traffic. A lot of drivers shouldn’t even be on the road.

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