Route 25A

It was cold this morning, 16F.  I was going to check out bicycle route 25A as I think it is the road to do for long distance riding.  I may need to change my idea on that having seen the condition of the road after Lake Ave.  Pot holes everywhere and narrow lanes would make it difficult during periods of heavy traffic.  I feel as if I need to write into someone but not sure who is responsible for the state of the roads.

There were a Northerly wind and I was going into it as I cycled the four miles up Lake Ave just to reach 25A.  It eased off as I cycled East on 25A.  I was quite shocked about the state of the road.  The salt lying on the side didn’t help matters either. The road improved after a few miles which was just as well.

My index fingers got cold and eight miles into the ride my feet started getting really cold.  I turned after 10.71 miles having made sure I finished a climb rather than turning in the middle of a hill. The return journey was not bad and I was pleased that the red light near the top of a climb had just changed to green before I got there; wouldn’t have enjoyed a hill start on the bike.

Next week I’ll head into Port Jefferson and maybe even go a bit beyond.


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