Testing the goods

Armed with booties for my shoes, wool socks for me feet and windproof and waterproof shell for my gloves, I headed out on the usual 20km ride.  For the first six miles I kept thinking how toasty warm by feet were.  What I did notice was that my legs felt cold.  Had the colder feet on previous rides disguised the fact that my legs were cold?  My hands were warm and they were stay warm throughout the ride.  However, with the thicker fingers, it became more difficult to change up in the gears as I had a soft ending on the fingertip and it got in the way of the gear shift levers.  I had to adapt my style to change up in the gears.  Changing down was not affected nor was breaking. After six miles, my feet started to feel a little cold.

The chain came off when I was waiting for some lights to change to green.  I backpedalled to get ready and off it came.  I got it back on in time for the lights changing but was almost freewheeling across the intersection and there were some oncoming cars waiting to turn left.  I need to clean the bike before I go out again.

A school bus nearly knocked me off the road.  I was heading down Ocean Ave on probably the third fastest part of the route.  It is a sharp left hand bend so I lean to the left as I take it.  I was just about to lean when this school bus comes by me.  I am getting closer to the bend and the bus is getting closer to my shoulder.  I was seriously worried that I was either going to hit the bus or not make the bend.  There must not have been more than three inches from my left shoulder to the bus.  He/she should have waited for me to clear the bend.  At least I got his/her bus number and school name.

I got back home and my hands were still warm and my feet were not as bad as yesterday.  The new gear is an improvement and I think the temperatures are going to be rising this week.


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4 Responses to “Testing the goods”

  1. wb416 Says:

    Glad to hear that the new gear has made your extremities a bit warmer! I take it the bus was “oi” worthy too!

  2. Alma Says:

    Great Logo. I am very impressed!

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