Bike Candy

Ok, not really bike candy but I am looking for a practical solution to lights.  I have been reading about dynamo hubs – these are new to me and I have been dreaming of dynamo lighting for a while.  I remember the sidewall dynamos well as I had one back in England.  I would be left in the dark whenever I came to a stop so always remembered to have a battery powered rear light switched on at the same time.  I was surprised to learn that they now make dynamo hubs.  I am looking at the Schmidt Nabendynamo supplied by Peter Whites.  I have yet to decide on the lighting system.  I am tempted by Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge.  This attaches to the dynamo and provides a charging station for USB devices.  This could be useful for both the iPhone and the Edge 705 on the longer rides.  I wonder if anyone has experience of this.


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3 Responses to “Bike Candy”

  1. Bob Overstreet Says:

    We’ve been eye-balling the SON hubs…. The only USB compatible stuff I’d seen was available until Spring Quarter this year…. the name of the product eludes me. It may have been the BioLogic ReeCharge… but it looks like that is avail now. Did most of my research during last years Bike Trade show (Interbike).

    Here’s the brief blog from Adventure Cycling.

    There was also an article in Bicycle Quarterly regarding hub generators and randonneurs.

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    Nice link, Bob.

    It looks like Peter Whites has a USB charger, the E-WERK (, though for the iPhone 3GS you need an intermediate device as that demands a constant 5v without any variation.

  3. Bob O Says:

    Back at ya! Your link was informational as well!

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