Route 25A – a little further

I changed tack on 25A this morning. Instead of doing a there and back type of ride I decided to do a circular and come back along 347. I have wanted to gauge how safe 347 is as there is no dedicated cycle lane and there are many right turn only lanes plus traffic flies along there at 55mph, or greater. So I set up my route on MapMyRide and then downloaded to the Garmin. Let’s see if I can beat that virtual cycling buddy.
The first 10.71 miles of the ride was the same as last week. Less snow on the road but a lot more salt, or so it seemed. I was less annoyed about the state of the road this week mainly because I was expecting the bad surface. The road surface was damp and I became aware of that when I heard sirens and saw a police car come flying down Nichols and turn on to the road ahead of me. There was a car in front who stopped for the police car so I had to brake suddenly which caused my back wheel to skid. No danger of falling off but I notice my heart rate jumped a tad. I past the accident which was an SUV had crashed into a telephone pole – couldn’t see any other cars involved but there were loads of people standing about and many emergency vehicles.
I was soon heading into Port Jefferson though there is a long sweeping left hand bend coming off the back of a fast descent. I was wary of my speed as I had not cycled down that road before and didn’t know its state. I kept to the middle of the lane as I didn’t want anyone passing me. As it was, there was no one waiting to pass. The ride up from Port Jefferson was long but not particularly tough. I did notice that I reached my highest heart rate of the ride near the top so it was a good workout. Thankfully the light was on green at the top.
On to 347. A fast road with a fast pace. Of course, on a Sunday morning, traffic was not too bad and there were no major concerns. I did hear a siren behind me at one point and hoped they weren’t using the hard shoulder. They weren’t and the fire chief’s truck went by me and into the shopping strip’s entrance not that far ahead of me.
All in all, a nice ride. My feet were not too cold as I ditched one pair of socks but kept the booties. Yesterday, I ditched the booties as not thinking I needed them again. It was 38F when I went out yesterday compared to 48F when I went out Friday. Yesterday my feet were cold.
Next week I’ll add an extra six miles to the route to bring it up to 30 miles. I am very pleased with the progress to date and am thinking of doing the mini brevet in March. I have a trip back to England coming up for work so just hoping that doesn’t interfere too much with the training. I’ll be there for a few weeks. I am trying to postpone till after the 600km in June – we shall see.

Oh, the virtual buddy?  I got a victorious beep emitting from the Garmin when I had just turned into the subdivision where I live.  Next week, just you wait!!


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