Do you dream in brevets?

My dreams last night were filled with brevets except they weren’t cycling but running.  It was very strange.  A series of four runs seeing the same people on the different runs.  What’s unusual about this is that I don’t run, not even for a bus! 🙂

When I woke this morning just before 7, the sun was rising and I could see the trees were perfectly still.  Temperature was just above freezing but it was a beautiful day to go riding.  I quickly dressed and out I went.  Very little traffic on the road.  I even saw one Optimum driver warn another driver that I was there as he was waiting for me to pass before he turned left but the driver coming up on his right was wanting to turn right and may not have seen me.  That was a pleasant turn of events and one for the book.

I was aware of my pace throughout the ride and tried to get back to a 4.0 pace after doing the second hill up to Motor Parkway.  It was after flying down the other side that I bettered the 4.0 and I made sure that I maintained that, and improved on that pace for the rest of the ride.  All in all a good ride.


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2 Responses to “Do you dream in brevets?”

  1. wb416 Says:

    I may have missed it, but what is a 4.0 pace?

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    It is a 4 minute mile.

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