Burning cheeks

No, the cheeks on my face!  Temperatures were about 17F when I went out this morning but there was no visible wind that I could discern.  I didn’t want to do two days of indoor cycling in a row so I had no option but to go out.  After not doing any long rides this weekend I also cannot afford to take another day off either.

I think I was a couple of minutes into my ride and on my first short descent that I felt my cheeks burning.  This was the first time I have had this sensation which was a surprise.  Was it colder than I had anticipated?  Anyway, I continued and that feeling soon went away.

I was moinitoring my pace.  It is time I started maintaining the pace rather than just letting the ride dictate the pace.  All I am doing is keeping within a 4.0 pace and with a few ascents that slow me down it all depends upon the wind direction as to whether I am going to be able make up the lost time.  As there was no wind today, I expected a faster ride.  I had made up the time before I started the second ascent as it is normally touch and go as to whether I am ahead or behind.  Red lights and stop signs also play their part but I only have two left turns before the second ascent and six right turns.

After climbing the second ascent, I have an up and down stretch to the fastest descent and it was at this point that my legs felt like steel blocks.  They seemed very cold and unresponsive.  I was not able to make a push along the “flat” and my descent was not as fast as it normally is.  I had just made up the deficit by the time I reached the first set of lights at the bottom so was pleased about that.  I kept ahead of the pace for the rest of the ride but was unable to really pull away from it.  My aim is to finish the ride in under 50 minutes and in winter perfect condtions last week, I was a few seconds over.  Today, with my cold legs, I was unable to push for that target but at least I was faster than the 51 minutes which I consider a must these days.  I am greatly looking forward to the days when I am back out in just shorts and a jersey.


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