Two for the price of three!

Two days in a row I got back home in under 50 minutes.  I have been striving for this for a while.  Today’s was doubly pleasing as I wasn’t trying as hard as yesterday.  I knew I wasn’t going to beat yesterday’s time but I was conscious of my overall pace and did make sure it didn’t slip.  I think I have now set a precedent and that I cannot go above 50 minutes again.  Hmmm….

[Warning: Technical bit]

Comparing the two rides has been interesting.  Normally most of my ride is in heart rate zone 3.  This seems to be where most of the calories are burned so I like zone 3. 😀  Sometimes I slip into zone 4 going up hills but on the whole, it is zone 3.  Yesterday I slipped into zone 5 on occasion and I spent a lot of time in zone 4.  I was almost shocked.  Today’s ride I was back in zone 3 on the whole so it is not surprising that I took 58 seconds longer.  I’ll see if I can get a graphic of my heart rates for both rides.  (How do you do screen grab on the Mac?)

Heart rate comparison

The blue is today’s ride and the pink is yesterday’s ride.  The top grey bar is zone 5.  Cool, huh? 😛



2 Responses to “Two for the price of three!”

  1. Doug Says:

    To do a screen capture on mac:
    cmd-shift-3 captures entire screen
    cmd-shift-4 turns the mouse into a different cursor – click-drag a rectangle to capture just that rectangle.

    The images are saved to your desktop as “Picture 1”, “Picture 2” etc.

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