Tastes of gasoline

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now.  It is most noticeable when I am climbing hills.  The air is still, the roads are quiet apart from a distant car engine moving rapidly away, and you move into a patch of air where the molecules stick to your tongue and activates the salivary glands.  The taste of gasoline in the air is quite distinctive.  Not foul but certainly not pleasant, just different.  I am sure it is the older vehicles that are emitting the fumes as it is not noticeable all the time.  And it does seem to be at the lower temperatures.

Today’s ride was just getting back in the groove.  I was not aiming for a fast time but I did want to make sure I get back below 51 minutes.  I am beginning to get my mental checkpoints and can gauge what overall time I can get if I am at a certain time at a certain place and the wind is blowing in a certain direction.  I think I lost about ten seconds at two left turns when the Edge activated the auto start and I had only moved the handlebars and not the bike.  Those two seconds took my time over 50 minutes but at least I got below the 51.  It was a nice ride and I am pleased to see that the sun is rising earlier and I can get out before 7 o’clock now.


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2 Responses to “Tastes of gasoline”

  1. Nicholas Sarro Says:

    Try a road less traveled to get away from the taste of gas. I don’t think anybody will be riding anywhere tomorrow. Time to get out the old sled.

    • Paul Murray Says:

      Very true, should go out cycling in the morning. 🙂 The gasoline smell is not overpowering and certainly not throughout the journey nor even every day. Just when it happens I am always reminded that I wanted to blog about it but always forget.

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