Staying motivated

When it snows ten inches and the roads are only partially ploughed, it makes it a not too difficult decision, safety-wise, to stay inside and train. However, continuous indoor training leads to cabin fever and I itch to be back outside cycling on the roads.  The comes along the Winter Olympics…  I have switched the training to afternoons so I can watch the Winter Olympics live and cycle at the same time.  It keeps the motivation up to continue training if there is something pleasant about the cycling.

Outdoor cycling is almost always pleasurable, even with head winds, but indoor training is tough for me.  I do have rollers but I cannot watch television and cycle at the same time as I am liable to slide off the side of the rollers – yes, I have tried.  The fixed wheel trainer allows me to watch to television and I have to say the Winter Olympics was a much better programme to watch than Mama Mia I saw the other day.  Watching Mama Mia I noticed my average pace was down but watching the Olympics is was normal.

Cycling indoors

Cycling indoors

Alma snapped this as I was 10km into the ride.  She said my legs were moving too fast for the exposure and the camera was not in flash mode. 🙂


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