Outside but no bonus

One of the good things about cycling downhill is the bonus – freewheeling and letting the body recover.  It is amazing looking at my heart rate and seeing how it drops dramatically whilst freewheeling.  However, two of the longest downhill sections today was against the wind – I had to pedal all the way.  Despite that, I was pleased to be back outside having been stuck inside training for a week and a half.

Today was the longer ride of the regular route.  Only 22 miles but it is a good ride and takes about 80 minutes.  Except today, it took longer than that mainly due to the wind.  Despite the wind, a head wind initially, I was up on the pace after I had done the two first climbs and by the time I had finished the fastest descent, I had time to spare.  Before the next climb, I was over two minutes ahead of the pace.  I needed that as after the circular route around Lake Ronkonkoma, I had almost five miles of head wind including the steepest ascent.  Fortunately, the ascent was protected from the wind until near the top.

There was a little bit of ice and not enough to worry about.  The salt that had been a major concern a few weeks back, was still around but it did not bother me at all.  The state of the roads is slowing deteriorating – the snow ploughs don’t help them in any shape or form either.  No idiot drivers bothered me which is always a bonus.  I saw one other cyclist and two runners.

Terrible state of roads

Some sections of the roads will give you a puncture

The biggest bonus was when I got back and weighed myself later.  I am the lightest I have been for four years but I still have another few pounds to go before I get into a serious cycling weight.  I am not going to reach 150 lbs but if I approach the lower 160s I will be well happy.

The forecast is for more snow this week so until it arrives I shall be outside every day.


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4 Responses to “Outside but no bonus”

  1. wb416 Says:

    You are certainly much more hardcore for cycling than we are. We love the recreation and stress relief of it, but not enough to slog it out in in-climate weather. Nice job on the weight loss. I’d been holding steady at around 230# for the past 6 months, but when I do heavier workouts, I “indulge” (aka “over eat”) for the sake of muscle recovery, so I’ve been creeping up in the past two weeks.. Unfortunately, that’s going to work against me on the bike… but such is life.

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    Bob, I have found that using Lose-It on the iPhone is a good way of watching what exactly goes down the gullet. I get easily pleased when I see all the green days and not so pleased when I see the red days. Graphics and UI is good. I enter everything eaten, and drunk, and all exercises. I made a goal of getting to 165lbs by losing one pound a week and it gave me my max. calorie intake for the day and the target date of when I will reach that. As I lose weight, my daily calorie intake goes down. To date, I have lost 12 pounds this year and have another 9 to go.

  3. wb416 Says:

    I loaded the App on my iPhone today. Gauging exercise caloric burn will be a challenge since I do a lot of mixed-modal type workouts. I might just pick a single mode exercise and say I did it for the amount of time I worked out. I’ll give it a shot and use it as a visual indicator of my food consumption.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Paul Murray Says:

    Good luck with that. Let me know how it goes.

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