Rain and snow have got to go…

February has been a tough month.  There has been plenty of rain and plenty of snow.  I am struggling to get in my 300 miles for the month but if I pull out the plug for the next four days I can make it.  Yes, my month does not exactly start on the 1st and is governed by the 300 miles in 30 days challenge sitting on MapMyRide.  So as we drove back from sushi on Friday night, the snow was falling very lightly, the roads looked clear and as I drove by the two hills I usually cycle up I couldn’t help but notice they were fairly clear.  I prayed for a night without much snow.

Morning came and I almost slipped on the driveway getting the newspaper.  Temperature was 24F and whatever was left on the road had frozen – definitely not good for cycling.  So I was resigned to cycling indoors again when the temperature started rising and by midday it had reach mid 30s and the roads were no longer icy.  I was going out!

The roads were pretty good though there was an easterly wind which I fought against on the way out.  However, I felt strong and was up on the optimum pace after the two hills.  I was doing the regular long ride as I need the miles and I made sure I was aware of my pace throughout.  There were no crazy drivers to deal with and the ride went by without incident.  As I climbed the last hill I could see I was on course for registering the fastest ride of that course in a while.  Keeping the pace along the flat, I made it back in 1:25.  That is pretty good wearing four layers of clothing!!  It had been a good ride.  Port Jefferson for sure tomorrow.


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