Walking the walk

Well, today, I walked the walk.  I changed the Miller Place ride to take a different route up from Port Jefferson instead of 25A.  I knew it was a steeper climb than 25A but I didn’t know what to expect.  Anyway, I hit it in the wrong gear and even though I was in the lowest gear for the middle cog, I could not shift over to the smaller cog on the front.  To be honest, I couldn’t remember which lever to shift and was scared to shift the wrong one.  As it was, I decided to stick with the 10th gear I was in and it got tough, really tough. Deciding to risk personal embarrassment over a busted heart, I stopped the bike and walked the rest of the way.  There was a corner ahead and I didn’t now what was around the corner and how far it went.  When I got there, I saw that it didn’t go that much further.  I was soon back on the bike and continued the ride.  Next week I’ll be in a lower gear for sure!

I eventually found the virtual buddy screen on the Edge and saw that it was ahead of me.  Now with a target pace of 15mph, I was ahead of that so I was assuming that the virtual buddy was not stopping at lights and stop signs – I had written about that in a previous blog.  Anyway, I caught up with it, passed it and started pulling away.  Then I heard a warning beep on the Edge.  The virtual buddy had suddenly streaked to a .41 mile advantage.  The warning beep had been accompanied by a “Course found” notice plus some other words which I didn’t have time to make up before it disappeared.  I continued chasing the virtual beep then another warning beep.  Virtual buddy was now .71 miles ahead and was not even visible on the graphics!!  I am not sure why the “Course found” kept coming up as I had the map in front of me and was following it – certainly had not come off course.  I kept chasing the virtual buddy when another warning beep come up.  This time I had made up ground and was only .31 miles behind.  I soon caught up0 and passed by again and stayed ahead until two miles from home when another warning came up and the virtual buddy had streaked to a .4 mile lead.  With two miles left I was not going to make that up.  It beat me back!!  Boo.  I am going to inform Garmin of their bad programming.

It had been a good run out and with 31 miles completed, I have 75 left to do by the 4th March.  I think I have to do three 22 milers and one 13 miler – all before work in the mornings.  Doh!

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