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A big loop

31 March 2010

I got out this morning instead of yesterday.  At 6 o’clock I was not eager, I must say, but after a few minutes lying in bed I jumped up and started moving.  I switched on the foot reflectors for the first time as it was dark and I was going to be cycling along 347 which is a busy and fast road so wanted to be certain that I could be seen. (more…)


Driving Rain and Howling Winds

30 March 2010

It has been raining all night long and the roads are flooded.  It is with the greatest regret that I am cancelling today’s training ride.  I think it is supposed to stop raining tomorrow afternoon so I may not even get a chance of going out tomorrow morning.

Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase

29 March 2010

These are the new tyres I have bought.  The shop did not have any Armadillos which I already knew, so I got a pair of these.  They are supposedly quicker than the Armadillos but I need to see if they are as rugged.  I am sure I changed my tyres last in July so I have got about 8 months usage out of them.  We’ll see how long these get.  Forecast is for rain tomorrow and I am doing 50km.  Yuck!!

Rattle and fun

28 March 2010

So much for setting off on a bike ride at 7am this morning. I was still sleeping at 7:30!! The Sunderland match was starting at 11 so wanted to be back for then.

Temperatures was back in the 30s. It is crazy to think that just one week ago temperatures were in the 70s. I have the suntan line to prove it! Ok, not very good proof, but it shows that it was hot. My feet were cold on Thursday after the ride but it was raining then and I think that had more to do with the wetness. So the plan for today was to do the climb up from Port Jefferson twice. Alma had asked me how it compared to Adamic Hill Road and I said that I would know better after today so I could do a proper comparison. (more…)

Another puncture

28 March 2010

Just fixed another puncture. Hopefully will get me home as it won’t fully inflate. Doh!

Layering up

24 March 2010

Now that I am doing longer rides in the morning, I have to get up earlier.  It is not light when I get up which makes it doubly hard.  Plus, the temperature was 39F which meant no more shorts and short sleeved jerseys.  Yes, I was back in my layers.  I had to go searching for them as I thought I had done with them for this part of the year.

So it was a 40km bike ride which meant over 90 minutes cycling time.  I had mapped out a new route – extending certain aspects of the longer regular route and shortening others.  I end up on the north service road of the LIE twice and I can tell you it is in need of repairs.  I had one motorist blow his horn as he passed me.  The last I looked cyclists are allowed to cycle there so he got the two fingered salute.  No “oi” though as he was away gone. (more…)

Frenchtown Practice ride

22 March 2010

Before anyone complains, I have forgotten everyone’s names already…  I do remember Jud, Leroy, Laurent and Rick as I knew their names before I even met them.  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get to remember them soon.

Alma and I travelled down to Frenchtown the night before and stayed at Widow McCrae’s B&B.  I didn’t know until Sunday morning that the place was supposed haunted and could be the reason for the strange dream I had on Friday night.  But that story is for another blog site not one on cycling. 😛  I had brought with me shorts and a short sleeved jersey – it was going to be high temperatures but it was quite cold first thing in the morning.  Alma got ready for running and I headed off.  I was cold cycling down to the starting point.  I had forgotten my gloves but fortunately I phoned the cycle shop in town on the Friday just as they were closing and they said they would stay open for me if I made it down there in the next fifteen minutes.  That was nice of them so they get a big plug and a photo!!  Well done, Cycle Corner!!

Cycle Corner bike shop

Cycle Corner bike shop


Conquered Adamic Hill Road

20 March 2010

I have to say, I think this was my steepest climb ever!!  And hopefully the video captured every single second of it.  I’ll find out once I get back home tomorrow.  It was a great experience and I will write more about it tomorrow.  Just keeping everyone updated on how the ride went.  I did get a puncture but caught up with everyone at the rest stop.  I only had time for half a sandwich before it was time to leave again.  It was a great experience and I could see that all the training paid off.  Still more training is required for the longer rides and now I need to build up my resistance.

Getting rid of the layers

17 March 2010

This is greatly improving the times.  I ditched the long pants earlier in the week and today I finally ditched the bright yellow wind breaker.  I also ditched seven minutes off the scheduled time and four minutes off yesterday’s time.  I was well pleased with that.  Plus, it almost felt like summer again.  I was going to take a break until Saturday but if the weather stays like this then I shall go out for a ride tomorrow and not ride on Friday.  I hope the weather stays good for Saturday.  That would just be bonus.

Next week I start on my training schedule.  So far I have just been riding without any real structure.  The training schedule does not have me training every day but it does have me riding longer.  I saw a copy of a training schedule and adapted it for my own doing.  I have no idea about the effectiveness but this year is all about exploring training structures.  If it works this year then it will work next year for the big ride.  And talking of big rides, how about the Boston Montreal Boston ride and the Death Valley 200.  I think I may be able to do the Death Valley 200 this year.  Lots of rides I would like to do…

Beautiful Day

16 March 2010

It was a beautiful day for a ride today.  Fairly windy but the sun was out and I was in shorts.  The wind seems to be a fixed northerly these days which I have yet to decide if that is beneficial.  It makes the long slog along Johnson Ave. harder and I am lucky just to keep pace there but the ride back down Motor Parkway is flying.

Ocean Ave. was finally open today and I can confirm that it was a tree that had fallen.  I saw evidence of where it had been as a quarter of the tree remained in the front yard of some property.  I am sure it must have taken down powerlines with it so maybe they had to erect a new pole also.  I saw the broken bottle from Sunday – it was well and truly smashed but I am certain that other vehicles must have gone over it after I did.  I was fortunate in that I didn’t get a puncture.

Pace was good today and I finished five minutes ahead of the schedule.  The chain felt dry so I am going to have to lubricate that this evening.  I have one more ride this week, tomorrow, and am taking Thursday and Friday off.  I weighed in under 170lbs again and hopefully I won’t go back up.  I want to be nearer 160 when I do the longer brevets as I am still carrying excess weight for these climbs.  I am also looking forward to doing the Montauk Century and want to see if I can finish before 1pm.