Touch and go…

The alarm went off at 6:20 this morning so that I could get in a 22 mile ride before getting ready for work.  The trees were moving in the wind and I knew it was going to be tough.  Straight into a head wind, I was behind schedule even before I got to the first hill.  Over a minute behind as I reached the top.  Turning the corner as I ride towards a fast descent, the wind hit me full on.  This is the only dedicated cycle lane I have on the route and on the 22 mile section, I cover this part twice.  On the second time around, I continue straight and  go over the brow of the hill and head down into a fast descent.  This is where I want Alma taking a photo of me as I turn the corner at the bottom.  But on the first time around, I turn right as I prepare to climb the first hill again, but on a different route.  I got to the bottom of the hill and I am still behind.

Up the hill again, turn left then down on the fastest part of the route.  Still behind.  However, the wind is kind of behind me and I am able to make some progress on the pace.  Reaching the end of the flat section with the following wind, I turn on to another hill.  Normally I am protected against the wind until I reach the top but today I was against it all the way.  I lost all the time I had made up.  Quickly around the lake I made up some time and again as I cycled down Motor Parkway – normally that’s a freewheel part.  As I pedal down the dedicated cycle path, I am still behind but on Townline, I will have the wind behind me and I am going to give it a go to get above the 15mph target.  I average 21mph on this section what with the gentle climbs and red lights but it has put me in a position of making it.  I turn into the wind for the final section and I believe at this point this is where I am going to fail.  No more gas in the tank.  I reach Smithtown Blvd, turn and have the wind behind for one final section, even if it is up hill.  I move up the gears and give it one last effort.  I start pulling ahead, take the final corners without breaking, wary of the grit over the last two and then motor to home.  Over the snow at the end of the drive and I slam on the breaks and hit the stop button.  Final average: 15.01mph.  That was close!!!  Phew.


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2 Responses to “Touch and go…”

  1. wb416 Says:

    Nice job!

    I’m starting to get the feel that you’re not prepping for a brevet, but rather a Tour spot on a team somewhere… LOL

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    That’s what it feels like!!! 😛

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