Feels like summer

Well, if you ignore the cold, the snow and the ice! 🙂  I woke this morning before 6 and got up rather than waiting another twenty minutes.  I left at around 6:20 and it was quite peaceful.  I love the early mornings where there is very little traffic and it is turning into full light.  It is a pity that the clocks have to go forward soon – I’ll lose that extra hour of light in the mornings.

Anyway, the wind was light and I was ahead of schedule as I approached the first hill.  Just ahead, mind you.  I got back on pace just before the second hill and then again after the descent on that.  It wasn’t until I got around the lake that I started pulling away from the objective pace.  I managed to stay head of it for the rest of time but nothing as comprehensively as Saturday.  When I climbed off my bike at the end of the ride, my hips cried out in pain – I hadn’t realised there was a problem.  That’s what rumba classes do for you the night before a ride; all that swinging of the hips!!

There were some icy patches this morning on a couple of the bends but I noticed them early and they didn’t prove to be a problem.  Forecast looks good though there is a threat of snow tomorrow at some point.  Let’s hope it is late morning or afternoon after I have been on my ride.  I have 29 miles to do in two days – should be no problem if I get 22 miles done in the morning.  Less than three weeks before my first New Jersey brevet practice on March 20th!!  Woo hoo.


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