Come along, hop along…

Agony as I climbed on the bike this morning.  I was in two minds as to whether to call the ride or not.  I decided to see if I could work off the pain in my right thigh/hip area.  Once I got into the swing of things the pain was barely noticeable.

Today I had to go further than the normal ride.  Yesterday, I was riding indoors and I did more than half of the mileage I needed to do as I didn’t know what today’s weather would bring.  The snow in the morning of yesterday forced me indoors.  The wind was coming from the north and I was thinking that I would tack on the extra mileage at the end.  As I was approaching Lake Ronkonkoma I changed my mind as I knew a quick cycle around the lake would get my pace back on track and give me more than the required distance.  This is what I did.  I am beginning to enjoy the side loop a lot and it is quite refreshing seeing the lake for most of the way around.  I got the necessary lead on the pace that would see me safely home.  I was pleased to get home as I had been in danger of calling the ride at the beginning and failing to make the distance for the 30 days.  Yoga tonight so that should help the hip/thigh.


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