Looks like a good stretch ahead

I don’t think we are forecasted any snow for a while.  Hooray!!

Today was an interesting ride.  I took yesterday off and gave my hamstring an extra day recovery.  The yoga class on Thursday seemed to have helped a lot so when I climbed on the bike this morning I didn’t have the agony I experienced Thursday morning.  Winds were very low and I decided to see if it made any difference climbing the same hill twice instead of two two different ones in the first five miles.  When I got to the top second time around, it didn’t seem any quicker or shorter.  Will have to compare on the computer.  I was wondering if the other hill I do is longer and higher than the second hill and to see if it was making my overall time longer compared to the summer when I was only doing the same hill twice.

The most noticeable difference of today’s ride was the hill on Motor Parkway.  Going out, this is the fastest section of the whole ride so you would expect it to be the most steepest climb of the ride as well.  Today, there seemed to be no effort required to climb the hill.  I was quite surprised at this change in attitude as the hill hasn’t changed and the speed hasn’t changed either.  Just mentally, more tough!  This is good and I think it is preparation for the climb tomorrow.


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