I rode the walk

Today was all about the climb from Port Jefferson.  This was the sole focus.  No way was I going to be walking up that hill.  No way.  The idea was not being entertained at all.

I headed off into a northerly wind.  The 4.8 miles it takes to get to the end of Lake Avenue saw me behind the optimum pace.  Once on 25A, I was able to make up on the pace as despite the terrible condition of the road (I really need to write to someone on that!), I can sped a long there fairly quickly.  I noticed a lot of runners out today – there must have been ten of them I passed in a very short section.  It wasn’t long before I reached Port Jefferson and as I cycled through the village I switched to the smallest crank in preparation for THE CLIMB.

I moved down the gears as I approached the hill and decided I didn’t want to switch to the lowest gear straight away – I wanted to hold something in reserve.  However, it wasn’t long before I was in the lowest gear as I suddenly realised that the hill was longer than I remembered.  Apparently, I had gone some way last week before walking!  So there I was with eyes fixated on the road as I climbed.  I looked up and saw I was still some way off the turn which would lead to the top of the hill.  I knew it wasn’t going to get any easier till I reached the top.  This week the climb was more manageable than last week and I was in no danger of even stopping to walk.  As I said earlier, it simply was not an option.  My breathing was hard and my speed was low.  I checked my heart rate when I got back and it was only 170 at the time so I still had some reserve in the old ticker.

I turned the final corner and the road became steeper.  This was the hardest climb but the summit was in reach.  It so much reminded me of the climb I used to do every day back in England.  In some perverse way, I kind of wish I could do this climb every day, it is great exercise!!!

The graph doesn’t do the climb justice as it makes out the climb is only very small but to me it felt hard!!  The climb is about 50 minutes into the ride.

graph showing elevation

The elevation of today's ride

The rest of the ride was more about seeing how well I recovered from the climb.  It took 4 minutes to get my heart rate down to 114 bpm which I have no idea is good or bad.  The ride home is normally a fast ride but there was a slight head wind and it was not as fast as previous weeks.  I was one minute behind the objective pace and had to cycle hard to equal it and then pass it.  Of course, my virtual buddy got home before me but I was a lot closer this week than I had ever been.  I still think there is bad programming and will write to Garmin.  I may blog the letter I write here.


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