Nekkid cycling

Ok, not really nekkid, I hastily add before someone complains of misrepresentation!!  It just felt nekkid.  Yes, I went out in my shorts for the first time in a century, more or less!  Temperatures in the 50s and with sunny skies invited the crazy stunt!!  So I shed the lower layers and one upper layer.  I still kept my wind breaker though perhaps I could have gone out without that.  I did two lunchtime rides yesterday and today – they felt really good and my time improved by a noticeable chunk.

No reaction to the dance classes on Monday night.  I guess last week I over did the hip movement doing the rumba but this week it felt good by the end of the class.  Maybe small steps are better!!  Tomorrow I have yoga and Emily rocks!  This is an advanced class for me.  Remember, I just started doing Yoga in January and Alma got me on to the Advanced Beginner class.  I want to do the hot yoga class that are on Wednesdays.  One of these days…

So the first brevet related ride is in 10 days.  It is the hilly section of the 200km brevet and I am hooking up with the New Jersey lot.  I am looking forward to it a lot but it is with slight trepidation as I don’t know the roads they will be riding.  Time will tell and I am sure I will write about it here.  I will also shoot video, if I get the chance!


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