Finally got let off the ark

What a terrible two days it has been.  I think it rained non-stop since Friday.  I had a day off on Friday as I cycled six days in a row.  I wished I had gone riding on Friday as it was impossible to go out on Saturday.  High winds and rain all day.  I can only imagine if the temperature had been lower how much snow would have fallen.  Yesterday’s forecast was to have it stop raining by 9am today.  We received a flood warning on the telly last night which was in effect till 00:30.  I remember waking up and thinking that it was quiet outside – the rain had stopped.  We got up late this morning and to think that the clocks should have gone forward, it was even later.  The rain had stopped and the wind didn’t seem that bad so I went out.

I opted just to stay local rather than going through Port Jefferson.  We had one small tree fall during the course of the day and if there were to be any detours I didn’t want them to be long detours.  I passed by some trees that had fallen and they had already been sawn so as not to present a hazard to traffic.  I was surprisingly on schedule after going up the two hills as I wasn’t pushing for time.  After the second hill I had a long slog to Ocean Avenue going into a head wind.  As I approached the lake I was barely ahead of schedule that was mainly due to the detour I had to make with a downed tree on Ocean Avenue.  I had go make way to the service road and then take the first underpass beneath I-495 then back along the north service road.  After circumnavigating the lake, I was a minute ahead and with the wind now behind me I was able to move ahead of schedule.

I was faced with a head wind of a few miles to end the ride with and not knowing how much ahead of schedule I would be I decided to follow 111 to 25 and then come back on Terry Road.  This way the wind would be a cross diagonal wind and I thought it would be easier to navigate.  It turned out to be a good move as I was able to stay in front of schedule and even forge ahead.  It had been a pleasant ride.

Next weekend’s ride will see me on New Jersey taking on the mountains in a pre-brevet ride.  I am looking forward to that!!


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