Soaked like a fish

I got soaked today on the ride.  The rain was intermittent but I decided to go out anyway.  It was raining as I left the house and it wasn’t log before I was soaked.  The booties did help to keep the water warm once it settled in my shoes so that was a bonus. 🙂

The tree was still down!  Maybe it isn’t a tree as I would have thought they’d have removed a tree by now.  If it’s not a tree then I wonder what it is.  Has anyone driven down Ocean Ave. recently?  So I had to do the detour again today.  The wind was quite strong from the north and I was quite pleased that I was almost four minutes ahead of the schedule.  The schedule is 15mph as that is the easiest to calculate.  1 mile for four minutes and a quarter of a mile is 1 minute.  Anything other than that requires too much calculation and the brain has stay focussed on pedalling.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I ran over a broken bottle.  Well, the bottle was broken when the back wheel went over it.  It may or may not have been broken when the first wheel went over – I was distracted by the flooding of the lake that I didn’t see the bottle.  I heard it crunch as I went over it.  So that’s a big plus for the  Specialised tyres!!!  No puncture.  I checked the tyre this morning and it was fine.  Yay!!!

The weather looks good for Saturday.  Temps in the low 60s!  Shorts weather also!!!  There is a trail by the river between New Jersey and Pennsylvania so Alma is happy that she can run whilst I am out cycling.  We’re going to make a weekend of it – going out Friday evening and then back on Sunday sometime.


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