Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day for a ride today.  Fairly windy but the sun was out and I was in shorts.  The wind seems to be a fixed northerly these days which I have yet to decide if that is beneficial.  It makes the long slog along Johnson Ave. harder and I am lucky just to keep pace there but the ride back down Motor Parkway is flying.

Ocean Ave. was finally open today and I can confirm that it was a tree that had fallen.  I saw evidence of where it had been as a quarter of the tree remained in the front yard of some property.  I am sure it must have taken down powerlines with it so maybe they had to erect a new pole also.  I saw the broken bottle from Sunday – it was well and truly smashed but I am certain that other vehicles must have gone over it after I did.  I was fortunate in that I didn’t get a puncture.

Pace was good today and I finished five minutes ahead of the schedule.  The chain felt dry so I am going to have to lubricate that this evening.  I have one more ride this week, tomorrow, and am taking Thursday and Friday off.  I weighed in under 170lbs again and hopefully I won’t go back up.  I want to be nearer 160 when I do the longer brevets as I am still carrying excess weight for these climbs.  I am also looking forward to doing the Montauk Century and want to see if I can finish before 1pm.


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