Getting rid of the layers

This is greatly improving the times.  I ditched the long pants earlier in the week and today I finally ditched the bright yellow wind breaker.  I also ditched seven minutes off the scheduled time and four minutes off yesterday’s time.  I was well pleased with that.  Plus, it almost felt like summer again.  I was going to take a break until Saturday but if the weather stays like this then I shall go out for a ride tomorrow and not ride on Friday.  I hope the weather stays good for Saturday.  That would just be bonus.

Next week I start on my training schedule.  So far I have just been riding without any real structure.  The training schedule does not have me training every day but it does have me riding longer.  I saw a copy of a training schedule and adapted it for my own doing.  I have no idea about the effectiveness but this year is all about exploring training structures.  If it works this year then it will work next year for the big ride.  And talking of big rides, how about the Boston Montreal Boston ride and the Death Valley 200.  I think I may be able to do the Death Valley 200 this year.  Lots of rides I would like to do…


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