Frenchtown Practice ride

Before anyone complains, I have forgotten everyone’s names already…  I do remember Jud, Leroy, Laurent and Rick as I knew their names before I even met them.  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get to remember them soon.

Alma and I travelled down to Frenchtown the night before and stayed at Widow McCrae’s B&B.  I didn’t know until Sunday morning that the place was supposed haunted and could be the reason for the strange dream I had on Friday night.  But that story is for another blog site not one on cycling. 😛  I had brought with me shorts and a short sleeved jersey – it was going to be high temperatures but it was quite cold first thing in the morning.  Alma got ready for running and I headed off.  I was cold cycling down to the starting point.  I had forgotten my gloves but fortunately I phoned the cycle shop in town on the Friday just as they were closing and they said they would stay open for me if I made it down there in the next fifteen minutes.  That was nice of them so they get a big plug and a photo!!  Well done, Cycle Corner!!

Cycle Corner bike shop

Cycle Corner bike shop

So the big talk of the morning was Adamic Hill Road.  It wasn’t really but I am bigging it up.  What was more important to me was to get the video of it.  I have been known to press the wrong button at the wrong time so I am recording when I think the video is switched off and the video is switched off when I think I am recording.  This tends to happen when I have videoed a few sections and I get confused whether it is on or off.  I cannot see the settings as the video camera is on my helmet.  The first section I tend to get right so hopefully there would be no problems.

As we approached Mount Joy Road, I turned on the video camera and was now taping the ride.  It was still some way to go to the turn for Adamic Hill Road and when I watched the video last night at home, I was worried that I had taped the wrong section.  I need not have worried as we were soon turning right for the big climb.  And it was a big climb.  I knew there was a flattish section half way up the hill and I mistook that a couple of times thinking some sections were it only to realise that they weren’t.  I eventually came to a point where there could be no doubt about the flattish section and I knew I was only halfway up.  I reached the top where we were regrouping and I found out that someone’s gears were slipping and they had to walk up and someone else got a puncture.  Getting a puncture had to be the worst as you have to start climbing from a stop which is pretty demanding on the legs for those first few rotations of pedalling.

How did I do?  Better than I expected.  I cycled all the way up.  I had prepared myself for walking but I was only going to walk if I couldn’t pedal any further.  I didn’t get near that point.  Heart rate was only 170 which is what I get on my regular rides and even though I was in the lowest gear, I still had plenty in reserve.  It was not like when I climbed the back hill from Port Jefferson the other week when I was totally in the wrong gear.  I passed about five cyclists on the way up so was pleased with my fitness levels.  The training has paid off and to think that I have only started training properly from end of December, if I stay injury free and continue training all year, next year should bode well.  I am getting ahead of myself as I still have not marked my furthest distance yet this year so until I complete the 300km, I won’t know how I am at the longer rides.

How did Alma do?  Alma ran her furthest run ever and she went further than the half marathon she is training for.  She gets double credit for that and it bodes well for the proper half marathon in May.  Well done, bb!!

Getting the puncture sucked.  I was flying along some section when I heard the hissing of air.  I was looking around to see who had the puncture when I realised it was me.  I had thought the Armadillo tyres were indestructible.  Now I know they aren’t.  I only had one spare inner tube so I was a little concerned.  I was more concerned that I had no gas left and had to hand pump the tube back up.  The little pump is not the best for manually inflating.  Add that to the checklist, spare gas bottles.  So the back tube was not fully inflated  but it was the best I could do.  I would coax it around for the rest of the ride and fortunately it didn’t create another issue.  I have yet to analyse the first tube to see where it punctured.

I lead our little group back for the last ten miles.  I have no experience of leading a group and not too sure what sort of pace to set.  I just cycled within myself but at a reasonable pace.

Frenchtown Practice

On the return journey back to Frenchtown

Overall I was very pleased with the ride.  The pace for the ride was 15.3mph and when you think that includes the 15% hill, I think that is quite respectable.  It is above my target pace though I have yet to start including stop times in the overall pace.  I think I will start doing that on my training rides to see how the pace drops on them.

Definitely looking forward to the next ride in New Jersey.  That ones starts at Princeton.


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One Response to “Frenchtown Practice ride”

  1. Alma Says:

    Frenchtown is a great place to cycle. Many folks out on their bikes everywhere. Good job bb and I loved the Delaware-Raritan park.

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