Layering up

Now that I am doing longer rides in the morning, I have to get up earlier.  It is not light when I get up which makes it doubly hard.  Plus, the temperature was 39F which meant no more shorts and short sleeved jerseys.  Yes, I was back in my layers.  I had to go searching for them as I thought I had done with them for this part of the year.

So it was a 40km bike ride which meant over 90 minutes cycling time.  I had mapped out a new route – extending certain aspects of the longer regular route and shortening others.  I end up on the north service road of the LIE twice and I can tell you it is in need of repairs.  I had one motorist blow his horn as he passed me.  The last I looked cyclists are allowed to cycle there so he got the two fingered salute.  No “oi” though as he was away gone.

I missed two turnings as I didn’t know the roads and the Garmin does not bring up the turns quick enough.  I wonder if there is a setting for that – maybe I can zoom out on the map so I can see where the turns will be.  So it was cold and windy.  Boy, was it windy.  I had the Garmin on map mode so I was unaware of my overall pace until I got back home.  I was pleased with the 15.3mph average considering the wind.

I have a break on Thursday then back on the bike on Friday doing the 40km route.  On Sunday, I am considering doing the climb up from Port Jefferson twice.  I will look at the map and see how it adds to the mileage.  I need to come up with a 70km route.


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