A big loop

I got out this morning instead of yesterday.  At 6 o’clock I was not eager, I must say, but after a few minutes lying in bed I jumped up and started moving.  I switched on the foot reflectors for the first time as it was dark and I was going to be cycling along 347 which is a busy and fast road so wanted to be certain that I could be seen.

I was heading down Old Nichols Road and saw that workmen were already out and pumping water around.  Didn’t think much of it until I came to an intersection with a barrier across – Road Flooded.  Being naturally skeptical, I thought how bad can it be and steered around the barrier.  Well, I soon found out how bad it was.  Remember, it was still dark so I couldn’t properly see the water coming.  I felt it however and it wasn’t long before the water level was above my lowest foot as I pedalled.  With no cars approaching, I headed towards the centre of the road which should in theory be the highest point and less water.  I was soon out of it but my feet were soaked.  They were to get really cold later as a result of this, no doubt.

I got to 25 and I was supposed to go straight over to 347 but they had the road blocked due to roadworks.  I had to go down 25 and find the next road connecting to 347 – this was after the mall.  I was soon on 347 and traffic was running fast.  Fortunately, most traffic was going in the opposite direction and I wasn’t concerned.  Rt 112 comes after 10.5 miles and the road surface was pretty bad.  I crashed into a pot hole almost immediately – a great test for the new tyres.  They held out!  There were miles and miles of roadworks on Rt 112 with some parts pretty bad and other parts very narrow.  No way could I cycle on the shoulder.  Eventually the roadworks stopped and I was back on a decent surface.

I reached Sunrise Highway after 21 miles and turned on to the service road.  Vets Highway starts after 3 miles but I had to cross Nichols filtering traffic and that was quite heavy.  Fortunately some kind driver allowed me to cross the line of traffic and I was back on the shoulder.  Vets has a dedicated cycle lane and all left turns are made with a signal so that very reassuring knowing that there was not going to be any traffic crossing over and I didn’t have to worry about that.  Back when I lived in Babylon that’s all I worried about on Montauk Highway – drivers turning left!!

I made good progress on Vets and when I turned off, I had a red light.  I know that that intersection is not sensitive to bikes so I turned right on to Motor Parkway and then turned left at the next road.  I was finally going down one of the most frequent hills I climb near home and I have to say that going the other way, it doesn’t seem that steep!!  I was quickly home and I was in good shape.  It had been a great ride and it made a big difference having decent surfaces to ride on for most of the way.  I’ll be back out there again tomorrow and am considering doing two laps of that on Sunday to register the 100km I am scheduled to do.


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2 Responses to “A big loop”

  1. Nick Says:

    Next time wear your dive booties.

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    I am wearing cycling booties on top of my regular shoes – I don’t think the dive booties would have made any difference today. Plus, I can’t screw the clips to them!! 😦

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