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Cranbury 200k – the report (part 1)

28 April 2010

I was up before my alarm as I had to cycle 7 miles just to get to the starting point; the brevet was starting at 7am.  It was pouring heavily when I got up and as I walked out to get the bike from the car, it was just as bad.  I was soaked before I even started the brevet.  I did see the first goslings of the year at 6:45 and one of the parent geese hissed at me.

Cranbury pre ride huddle

Huddling together out of the rain



Cranbury 200

25 April 2010

First sign in point

Cranbury 200k – the ride for Sunday

23 April 2010

Let’s see if this works.  I am going to attempt to paste the map into the blog…

Cranbury 200k

That didn’t work (no iframes allowed, apparently) so here is the non-interactive pic…


The ride for Sunday, starting and finishing at Cranbury

Rode to Yoga on Earth Day

22 April 2010

The objective for today was to not use any more electricity than what it takes to run the house.  I used electricity for the computers and the refrigeration device.  Everything else was off or not used.  I had yoga today so I had to figure out a way to carry the yoga may.  I tied the yoga strap around the top and the bottom of the rolled mat and slung it over my shoulder.

Fashioning the yoga mat

Do I wear it well?

I tried to be a cow during the ride so that the mat would sit snug along my spine but I am afraid that didn’t work and I ended up being a cat with my back bent.  So much for being a yogi!!

It was dark when I came out and I got my first chance at doing some night riding.  It felt strange not wearing sunglasses – that’s how I used to ride all the time in England – I never wore glasses.  Now I go out at all times of the day wearing them.  I had enough light to see the state of the road on the straight but going around corners felt a little bit freaky.  The road is kept in the shadow and pot holes are not noticeable.  That is something I will bear in mind when I do the 300k early next month.  That starts at 4 in the morning.

Earth Day 2010

21 April 2010

Cycle for Earth Day

Don't forget to cycle and recycle on Earth Day

For Earth Day tomorrow, I shall not be using the car at all and will not be cooking any food.  I shall be using electricity as I have to work but other than that, no additional energy.  I shall be cycling to yoga also; I’ll let you know how I get on as I have a bunch of stuff to carry.

What are you doing?

Burning the candles

21 April 2010

In my youth I used to burn the candles at both ends – late to bed and early to get up.  Well, in my student days and the times of trying to be an actor, I was late to bed and very late to get up!!  Come to think of it, burning the candles at both ends is a recent thing.  Last night I was uploading The Dive Club website and didn’t get to bed until 1:30.  This morning, the alarm seemed to go off as soon as my pillow hit the head – at 5:50 I didn’t want to get up.  But I have a training schedule so no slacking!!! (more…)

What’s it with loops?

18 April 2010

I think I must be obsessed with loops.  I have them on my 40k route; I have them on my 20k route, and I have the worst one on my 70k route.  By loops I don’t mean a circular route, I mean a loop within the circular route.  The one on the 70k has me going up the hill from Port Jefferson twice! (more…)

Yoga effects

16 April 2010

I am sure the benefits of Yoga will manifest themselves over time but last night’s Yoga session left me without any core power in my legs this morning. The yoga session itself was “delicious”, as Emily puts it, but afterwards, there was nothing my legs could give. They didn’t feel like I had been cycling all day, there wasn’t that tiredness to them. It was just as if they had nothing to give.

I went on a 40km bike ride and it was like I had no extra oomph needed at certain parts of the course.  I felt for sure I was going to record a slow time.  As it was, I recorded a faster time than the first two 40ks but slower than the previous one which had been fast.  I wasn’t too disappointed in that.

No rain so didn’t test the fenders.

Cold, cold morning

14 April 2010

What a difference the temperature makes to cycling.

When I was out last, on Sunday, I was in my shorts and cycling jersey only. It was not overly hot but it was pleasant and I clocked up my fastest time ever on the route. Today, the thermometer read 33F and I had to try and find where I had put away all the layering clothes. It took ages for my legs to get working and even then, I don’t think they fully warmed up. (more…)

Unofficial results are in

13 April 2010

The unofficial results are in from the ride on Saturday.  I was joint first finisher for the 115k.  I was surprised about that and it is the finishing within the time frame that is more important but I’ll take a joint first graciously.  It will probably be the last first finish I get. 🙂