Loop the loop

Today’s ride was a double loop. I was doing the 50km loop I undertook on Wednesday and Thursday twice today as I upped the distance. I am building endurance now so will mainly concentrate on the longer rides.

It was dark as I went out at 6am.  I was in two minds about clothing.  Four hours on a sunny day meant it would have been warm later on but temperature was still 45F so decided to drop a layer from the bottom but keep the usual layers on the top.  I think I could have dropped another layer from the top as I was drenched with sweat but when I was riding in the shade, the legs still felt cold.

It did feel strange setting out as I am not one who likes long distance training rides.  All my training for the century rides have consisted of many 20 and 30 mile rides.  Only once did I prepare for the NYC century ride by doing long training rides by the Hudson river on the weekends but other than that, it has been short rides all the way.  I also rarely do laps.  I think there is something psychologically wrong with doing cycling laps of the same route; I much prefer doing one ride without any repeats.  But this 50km route I designed seems pretty good.  I didn’t have a problem doing it twice.  Each lap was going to take roughly two hours.

Completing the first lap was a good boost.  Knowing I was on the “last” lap helped psychologically as I definitely tired and the second lap took seven minutes more to finish.  I could feel my left thigh aching slightly with about 20 miles to go.  I really wanted to complete this in one go as ordinarily I would have had a break but I am starting to learn the limits of my body, and push it further.  I drank a lot of liquid and my tops were drenched in sweat by the end of the ride.

I was tired when I got back home.  My average speed was 16.1 mph though that was dropping and if I had ridden much longer it would have soon been beneath the 16 mark.  Next week I have a 115km in New Jersey and I have the first 200km two weeks later.  Tomorrow I have a short 20km and it will be interesting to see the time on that with the new tyres and the recovery after today.


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2 Responses to “Loop the loop”

  1. wb416 Says:

    I agree with you on multiple lap repeats. It’s bad enough when we do an out and back on the paved trail for a 40-60 mile ride.

    Good luck on your upcoming brevets. I can’t see us doing much more than a Century Ride or 200K. We just ride for the enjoyment of it, and anything longer (or faster) starts to take the fun out of it for us.

    Ride safe!

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    Thanks, Bob. I still do enjoy cycling but I felt I needed more of a target than the annual century ride which I could do with very little training. When Alma has completed her half marathon we are going to go out for some bike rides together. Nothing major at first. 🙂

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