A beautiful sunrise

The one thing I remember the most about today’s ride was the beautiful sunrise I saw pedalling along Motor Parkway. It made setting off in the dark all worthwhile. I also saw the Apple Blossoms on Motor Parkway coming back which makes me want to cycle there at lunchtime to take some photos.

Today’s ride was a 40km.  I am not sure why but I have only got one midweek ride this week.  I was working on the dive club website last night and got to bed after midnight so when the alarm went off at 5:50 I was in two minds about going cycling.  But I have a schedule I need to adhere to so I got up.

I didn’t think I had gone that fast today so I was quite surprised when I loaded up the ride on to the Mac and saw that I had gone five minutes faster than the last 40km ride I did two weeks ago.  There was no wind today so no benefitting from a tailwind.  It seemed to make a difference as it took ages to climb away from the 15 mph average.  I ended up with a 16 mph average which for this route is quite good as the service road for I495 is in really bad condition and I have take it slowly in parts.  I might create a new 40km ride.

The next ride is the 115km in New Jersey on Saturday.  It will be my first bike ride with a brevet card so I am excited about that.  I secretly wish I was doing the 200km but there is a nice coastal 200km ride at the end of the month which will be my official 200km ride for the brevet series.

The new tyres are holding out well so far.


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