Cold, cold morning

What a difference the temperature makes to cycling.

When I was out last, on Sunday, I was in my shorts and cycling jersey only. It was not overly hot but it was pleasant and I clocked up my fastest time ever on the route. Today, the thermometer read 33F and I had to try and find where I had put away all the layering clothes. It took ages for my legs to get working and even then, I don’t think they fully warmed up.

There was no wind so no tail wind to take advantage of and laboured to stay ahead of the time.  My fastest speed was 32.7mph which is 5mph down from Sunday’s on the same hill.  The clothes felt really bulky and restrictive.  I can’t believe that I wore them all through winter.  Come back summer!!

I am used to the 40km route now.  Initially I didn’t like it due to the bad surface on the LIE service roads but now that I am more familiar with them, I can avoid the biggest pot holes and know when to ride the rough areas.  I took a wrong turn today which really surprised me.  I realised as soon as I made the turn as I was expecting to go up a hill but the road ahead of me was flat.  With no traffic coming, I made a u-turn and went back on to the service road.

I am back out again on Friday.  I think the weather might be a bit inclement and I may get a chance to use the new fenders I bought last week.  With the longer rides coming up in New Jersey, the last thing I want is a wet bum for miles upon miles.  If I use them I will write a review.


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