What’s it with loops?

I think I must be obsessed with loops.  I have them on my 40k route; I have them on my 20k route, and I have the worst one on my 70k route.  By loops I don’t mean a circular route, I mean a loop within the circular route.  The one on the 70k has me going up the hill from Port Jefferson twice!

I seemed to be going along at a fairly decent pace when I was soon into Port Jefferson.  I wasn’t too sure if I had overdressed as the real feel was supposed to be in the 30s but it looked like it should have been 60s.  I did start to warm up soon but specifically remember thinking how I wasn’t feeling hot no more.  it seemed to be the right amount of wind and coolness to counteract the layers I had on.  Where is summer?

So the hill.  It didn’t take me long to climb the hill and I have such a big loop that I have a fair chunk of recovery time in preparation of going back down and doing the hill again.  At the foot of the hill, the second time, I was feeling very blase about the whole thing.  Halfway up, I was thinking that it seemed to be taking a lot longer the second time and why did I want to plan something so stupid anyway? 🙂  I soon reached the top but it took me a while to recover from the efforts.

Once I had circumnavigated the back roads and found myself at 25A, I changed views on the Garmin and noticed I was behind the minimum 15mph target.  And now I had a slight headwind for fifteen miles to make progress against.  I slipped the Garmin into the buddy screen so I could see target times and how long to I reached home and how long for buddy to reach home.  I was two minutes behind.  So the first objective was to keep above 15mph and to press for more if I could.

I kept closing in then I would get a series of red lights and I would lose a little.  I played cat and mouse all along 347 and as I slipped on to 25, I was about 20 seconds behind.  I had nearly caught the buddy up when I saw a detour.  Traffic was being diverted from the main road.  I could either chose to cycle home from there or follow the cars on the detour to see if we ended back up on the road.  I opted for the latter.

It was slow on the detour.  We had to go through a busy parking lot and I think my speed was under 10mph.  By the time I was back on the main road I over two minutes behind again.  I was not going to be making that up with so little time left.  I tried though not too fully committed.  I got back to the house and once I sat down here and checked my stats, I saw that my average speed was 15.1.  A miracle!

My legs were tired after the ride and I was drenched in sweat.  No more cycling now till Wednesday.


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