Burning the candles

In my youth I used to burn the candles at both ends – late to bed and early to get up.  Well, in my student days and the times of trying to be an actor, I was late to bed and very late to get up!!  Come to think of it, burning the candles at both ends is a recent thing.  Last night I was uploading The Dive Club website and didn’t get to bed until 1:30.  This morning, the alarm seemed to go off as soon as my pillow hit the head – at 5:50 I didn’t want to get up.  But I have a training schedule so no slacking!!!

Temperatures was high 40s so I thought lose a layer from top and bottom.  There was no wind and it was getting light.  Nice conditions for riding.  Today’s ride was a 50k which is the big circular along 347, then down 112 and then along Vets.  No hills to speak of it is a nice ride apart from four miles on the 112 where they are resurfacing the roads and pavements and are taking their sweet time about it!

It was actually a very good ride.  Nothing no note took place other than some cyclist shouting at me on the service road for Sunrise.  I did wipe him out with the speed I was going on an incline.  I didn’t look back as I had given him more than enough space and he really had no reason to shout.  He wasn’t even on a racing bike!!! 😛

I was aware of my time throughout the ride and knew I was ahead of the target by a substantial amount.  The only question I had was which way back would I chose.  I could either turn at Old Nichols or keep on going up Vets and come back via the landfill.  I couldn’t remember if I had ridden Old Nichols on a single circuit but knew I had done it on the double loop.  I decided to stay on Vets as that way I would be able to compare times with something that I knew existed.

I got back home and I was trying to get under two hours for the ride.  I did.  I pulled to a stop by the front door on 1:59.  It had been a great ride and I felt strong.  Roll on Sunday and the 200k in New Jersey.


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