Rode to Yoga on Earth Day

The objective for today was to not use any more electricity than what it takes to run the house.  I used electricity for the computers and the refrigeration device.  Everything else was off or not used.  I had yoga today so I had to figure out a way to carry the yoga may.  I tied the yoga strap around the top and the bottom of the rolled mat and slung it over my shoulder.

Fashioning the yoga mat

Do I wear it well?

I tried to be a cow during the ride so that the mat would sit snug along my spine but I am afraid that didn’t work and I ended up being a cat with my back bent.  So much for being a yogi!!

It was dark when I came out and I got my first chance at doing some night riding.  It felt strange not wearing sunglasses – that’s how I used to ride all the time in England – I never wore glasses.  Now I go out at all times of the day wearing them.  I had enough light to see the state of the road on the straight but going around corners felt a little bit freaky.  The road is kept in the shadow and pot holes are not noticeable.  That is something I will bear in mind when I do the 300k early next month.  That starts at 4 in the morning.

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