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Made it to wine country

22 May 2010

I finally made it to wine country today. I was down for an 80km ride (why I chose 80 km I have no idea) and I didn’t have an 80 km ride mapped so I decided just to head down 347 for 40km then turnaround. That distance took me to Sound Ave which leads to the vineyards so I took that after 22 miles (about 35km). Once I hit 25 miles I was going to be taking the next right and come back on to 347/25. The next right wasn’t immediate so I ended up doing an extra 8 km on the day.

Long Island Wine Country

The first vineyard on Sound Ave, Long Island's Wine Country.

I stopped to take photos for a couple of minutes so apart from that, and red lights, I cycled continuously for 55 miles. I need to be upping my miles and cycling non-stop. I maintained a 17.4mph (27.9km/h) average which I am pleased with. Next week for the 400km, I am hoping to do an average of 20km/h which includes rest stops.
The bike is making some grating noises. I am going to have to get the trainer out and see if I can work out what is causing the noise. If I cannot do that, I am going to have to take it into the bike shop. Doh!


Dynamo hub arriving

21 May 2010

Woo hoo, the new wheel arrives on Tuesday. I’ll be out cycling Tuesday night, I guess, to test it out!!

Montauk Century ride

17 May 2010

Well, this was supposed to be a meaningful ride in the midst of all the training for the brevets.  I was going to see how quickly it could be done and with favourable conditions, unlike last year, it promised to be a great day.  However, all my plans fell by the wayside as we had a wedding celebration on the Saturday and I soon got into the atmosphere of celebrating and dancing.  I think we got back home at about midnight and I was supposed to be riding at 6am. (more…)

New bike candy

13 May 2010

With the Hightstown 400km ride coming up in a couple of weeks, I had to do something about lighting.  The ride starts at 4am on the Saturday and must be finished by 7am on the Sunday.  If I reckon on 5 hours per 100km, I will be riding 20 hours and of those 20 hours, I am guessing six will be during dark hours.  That is if things go to plan and I ride continuously. (more…)

Surface Interval

12 May 2010

Surface intervals are supposed to be relaxing and spent hanging out between scuba dives. Not the ones I am doing on the bicycle, however. My surface intervals here are spent trying to find decent road surfaces on which to cycle. I rant a lot about the state of the roads so I guess it is only fair to praise them when I see something nice. (more…)

Avoiding the roadworks

7 May 2010

It seems like it is silly season for roadworks.

On Tuesday I did a quick 16 mile ride just to see if my time had improved. I should have looked at my past history to see what time I needed to beat. I thought that at 56 minutes I had beaten it but it was not to be.  Back in March I had ridden a time of 55 minutes.  Tuesday was not scheduled to be a riding day but I went out nevertheless.  Wednesday was but I didn’t get out of bed.  I was supposed to do two 50km rides on Wednesday and Thursday, one day off then the 70km ride on Saturday.  Alma and I are going into Manhattan on Sunday so no riding on Sunday.  This means I am doing two 50km rides and a 70 km ride on consecutive days! (more…)

A quick shortie

3 May 2010

The alarm went off at 6 o’clock this morning and once it had been quickly silenced, all I could hear was not the pitter patter of April showers but the crashing of raindrops on the window pane. It was raining cats and dogs outside!! I switched my attention back to my pillow!!  I checked the weather once I got up and saw that it was going to ease up early afternoon.  I would go cycling at lunchtime and as I was only doing 30km, it would barely take an hour or so. (more…)

Withdrawing from the Princeton 300k

2 May 2010

Unfortunately, there is a clash of events this coming Saturday and I had to withdraw from the 300k. However, there is a NYC 300k in September which I am doing instead so I shall be jumping from the 200k to the 400k. Gulp! I have the Montauk Century in a couple of weeks so things are gearing towards that rather than the 300k. I have rearranged my training schedule for the next two weeks and have left the old schedule up there just to remind myself what I was doing. Now I have to come up with a training schedule for the summer as I had thought I was just going to be easing down after the 600k. Doh!