A quick shortie

The alarm went off at 6 o’clock this morning and once it had been quickly silenced, all I could hear was not the pitter patter of April showers but the crashing of raindrops on the window pane. It was raining cats and dogs outside!! I switched my attention back to my pillow!!  I checked the weather once I got up and saw that it was going to ease up early afternoon.  I would go cycling at lunchtime and as I was only doing 30km, it would barely take an hour or so.

It was warm and humid when I set off so I had opted for a sleeveless jersey.  I was also wearing the new cycling bib, to see how it performed.  We went to the cycle shop in Huntington for some “professional” gear on Saturday.  I got a pair of bibs, a new pair of shorts, a good pair of sunglasses and some lubricant.  The cycling bib worked well and felt comfortable throughout.  I really liked the glasses and they improved vision.  They react to the strength of the light so I am thinking they may be good for night riding.  We shall see.

Winds were coming from the WSW at about 9 mph.  I was heading off to the East so made use of them though I did have a bit of urban riding so could not take a lot of advantage.  I thought I had memorized the new course but as I was heading south I got notification from the Garmin that I was off course.  I was on a dual carriageway so I could not exactly turn around and then rectify my mistake.  I decided to continue south as I was sure I would come to Route 27 when I could turn East.  It took some time coming that I eventually ended up on Nichols Road which I had been avoiding going on to when I planned the ride.

Going along Vets was almost going into the wind but I kept the pace above the 20 mph mark.  I eventually came back to the planned route and stayed on track for the rest of the ride.  The virtual buddy was recalculated a few times, all the advantage of the virtual buddy.  I was easily ahead despite going further so the virtual buddy got recalculated and ended up ahead.  I wrote again to Garmin to tell them of their crappy algorithm.  Expect to hear back in a day or two.

When I loaded the ride on the Mac, I saw that the average pace was 18.8 mph.  Not too shabby!!

I hope to write the second part of the Cranbury ride on Wednesday.  Stay tuned!!!  Oh, the Montauk Century shirt arrived today.  Not too shabby either.  I’ll ask Alma to take a photo of me in it!!


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