Avoiding the roadworks

It seems like it is silly season for roadworks.

On Tuesday I did a quick 16 mile ride just to see if my time had improved. I should have looked at my past history to see what time I needed to beat. I thought that at 56 minutes I had beaten it but it was not to be.  Back in March I had ridden a time of 55 minutes.  Tuesday was not scheduled to be a riding day but I went out nevertheless.  Wednesday was but I didn’t get out of bed.  I was supposed to do two 50km rides on Wednesday and Thursday, one day off then the 70km ride on Saturday.  Alma and I are going into Manhattan on Sunday so no riding on Sunday.  This means I am doing two 50km rides and a 70 km ride on consecutive days!

Yesterday and today have both been windy.  I went for different routes as I was tired of cycling four miles down Rt. 112 where they were doing roadworks.  Rt. 25A is being resurfaced – the 70km ride.  The service roads to the LIE are being resurfaced – 30 and 40km ride.  Then when I did the 16 mile ride, I saw, and felt, that they are also resurfacing on Ocean Ave.  Are there no routes left?  I improvised on the 50km ride and went south on Nichols.  That was a nice and fast road.  I was expecting to take the service road on the LIE to 112 – that should have avoided all roadworks but there is no service road by Nichols and I didn’t want to risk riding on the Interstate!!  I meandered over to 112 but when I reached Sunrise Highway, I had only gone 17 miles – normally I would have gone 21 miles at this point.  I had a few miles to play with but I still needed to add some mileage somewhere.

Coming back up Vets I decided to go to Rt. 111 and come back along Townline that way.  That gave me roughly 52 km which was fine.  Not a bad route – the only heart racing place was going under the LIE on Nichols.  It is a long stretch and the cars are weaving in and out of the connecting roads.  I was pedalling like mad to get through the intersection!!  Today wasn’t so bad as I knew what to expect.

Tomorrow takes me back on Rt. 25A and I am not sure if I am looking forward to 2 miles of resurfacing.  An alternative is to take Nichols north which should have bypassed the roadworks but I am not sure if I can safely get across 347 to make a left turn.  Tune in tomorrow to see which way I went and if I made it!! 🙂


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