Surface Interval

Surface intervals are supposed to be relaxing and spent hanging out between scuba dives. Not the ones I am doing on the bicycle, however. My surface intervals here are spent trying to find decent road surfaces on which to cycle. I rant a lot about the state of the roads so I guess it is only fair to praise them when I see something nice.

The new surface on the LIE service road is very nice to cycle upon.  We saw it the other day when we drove to Ronkonkoma train station and I passed over it when I went cycling on Monday.  Today was the 40km ride and I knew I would be cycling on the new surface for a few miles.  It makes a big difference!

There’s a wide shoulder for much of the way on the south service road but on the north, they have a strange right turn only lane.  I was going along there during morning rush hour and there wasn’t any cars turning right – I did it twice this morning.  It may be different in the evening but the morning there seems to be no merit for the right turn only lane.  I bring it up because I shall have to merge into traffic as I will be continuing straight on.  They haven’t painted the turn arrows on yet but I don’t think I’ll get them to change their minds.

The weather for Sunday looks promising.  Partially cloudy and temps in the mid to high 60s.  Two days ago the forecast was for a westerly wind – really nice!!  Today’s forecast is for a WNW wind which is only slightly worse than a west wind.  I shall be going for my fastest time on the century ride and I will have two weeks to recover in time for the 400km out in New Jersey again.  I won’t be doing the updates on here as the last time it took eight hours for WordPress to get my status on Facebook; it’ll be straight on to Facebook.

So no more cycling now until Sunday.  I may go out on Friday for a short ride – see how I feel.


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