New bike candy

With the Hightstown 400km ride coming up in a couple of weeks, I had to do something about lighting.  The ride starts at 4am on the Saturday and must be finished by 7am on the Sunday.  If I reckon on 5 hours per 100km, I will be riding 20 hours and of those 20 hours, I am guessing six will be during dark hours.  That is if things go to plan and I ride continuously.

My current light is a Night Rider and the battery is rechargeable, meaning no spare batteries easily had.  Based on winter riding, I think I will have a maximum 3 hour burn time so I needed to do something.  As I have the Cranbury 600km coming up next month too, I wanted a permanent solution to the lighting.  Enter the dynamo hub.

When I used to cycle all the time in England (before I moved South), I had a dynamo wall system.  I grooved wheel rubbed against the wall of the tyre and electricity was generated by rotating the wheel.  During the day time, or when lights were not needed, the dynamo could be moved away from the tyre.  I do remember being stuck at traffic lights without any lights – that was the drawback of the dynamo lights.  So now, I have been looking at dynamo lights and they are not all that common, apparently.  I eventually came across some websites that sell them and they have the old-fashioned wall types and, what got me really excited, was the dynamo hub.  Drag from a dynamo hub was a problem when they first came out but now these are barely noticeable.  This is not said from experience but from reading lots.  I’ll confirm when it arrives.

So I have purchased a Schmidt dynamo hub (SON 28) from Peter White Cycles and I am getting a new wheel too.  This will save me from building the wheel myself and I can just switch front wheels whenever I’ll be doing night-time riding.  The light I am getting is a Supernova E3 Pro which should provide plenty of lighting on those dark scary nights!!!  I am confident these will arrive some days before the 400km so I can see how they perform

Now, I just have to figure out what I will use to read the cue sheet!!


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2 Responses to “New bike candy”

  1. wb416 Says:

    Are you going to be charging a light battery with it, or directly running a light? We’ve considered the SON hubs, but so far our night riding hasn’t exceeded the burntime of our current lights.

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    Bob, I’ll be running the light directly from it. The light I am getting, the Supernova E3 Pro, has a five minute stand time for when you are stuck at a traffic light or something similar and the front wheel is not rotating. Dahon have built the Biologic Reecharge which allows you to charge up devices that have a USB connection. This I was thinking to keep the Edge functioning on the multi-day rides. The Reecharge also stores power so you can charge devices later. I can’t find out when that is going to be for general sale here.

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