Made it to wine country

I finally made it to wine country today. I was down for an 80km ride (why I chose 80 km I have no idea) and I didn’t have an 80 km ride mapped so I decided just to head down 347 for 40km then turnaround. That distance took me to Sound Ave which leads to the vineyards so I took that after 22 miles (about 35km). Once I hit 25 miles I was going to be taking the next right and come back on to 347/25. The next right wasn’t immediate so I ended up doing an extra 8 km on the day.

Long Island Wine Country

The first vineyard on Sound Ave, Long Island's Wine Country.

I stopped to take photos for a couple of minutes so apart from that, and red lights, I cycled continuously for 55 miles. I need to be upping my miles and cycling non-stop. I maintained a 17.4mph (27.9km/h) average which I am pleased with. Next week for the 400km, I am hoping to do an average of 20km/h which includes rest stops.
The bike is making some grating noises. I am going to have to get the trainer out and see if I can work out what is causing the noise. If I cannot do that, I am going to have to take it into the bike shop. Doh!


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