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Cranbury 600k – the ride

29 June 2010

I don’t think we even skirted Cranbury never mind pedalling one stroke in that wee town.  The start of the Cranbury 600k was switched to the Days Inn in Hightstown mainly because they could accommodate such a sizeable group and the fact that when we began the Cranbury 200k, a local neighbour had complained so much about us taking their parking spaces on a Sunday morning.  So we began in Hightstown. (more…)


Hightstown 400k review

14 June 2010

This has been some time doing.  The ride was longer than anything I have done before and it challenged me a lot, both physically and mentally.  I learned that my bike set up needs improving and I learned that I have a long way to go before I am ready for the PBP 2011.  However, I do have a long time before that ride and there is ample time in which to get everything ready. (more…)

Hightstown 400k

5 June 2010

This was some ride!!

I got up at 3:15am and got dressed.  I looked outside and to my surprise it was pouring down.  Not a gentle drizzle but hard and heavy.  I had not planned to bring my rain jacket or fender but Alma said I may as well throw them in the car.  Fortunately, this is what I did.  I left the room and quietly made my way to the front of the hotel.  There was a gathering of cyclists and I found an empty space in which I left my bike as I registered on to the ride.  After picking up my brevet card, I got my bike checked and brevet card stamped. (more…)