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Still improving times

29 July 2010

My times for the regular routes are still coming down.  I am finding the cycling easier to do and am upping the gears and as a result, I go faster for the same effort and my times improve.  Every time I go out I tell myself that I am not going to be racing myself but I get to a certain point in the ride and that my average speed is up at that point so I press on.  I am pleased about this effort but not sure where and when I will peak.  My average speed was 18.9 mph which does not seem a lot but it is up by a lot for the year.  It’ll be interesting to see how the winter rides compare. (more…)


NYC 300k – provisional route

27 July 2010

I downloaded the provisional route yesterday.  It is in Excel format so I will have to convert it to a map using my MMC (manual map converter).  I read a line and look for the street on a map and click at some point on that street and hope the map doesn’t make a short cut.  It ought to be quicker than the 600k route I did.  I’ll post as soon as finish it.

Water bottles and road repairs

27 July 2010

I seem to have gotten into a nasty habit of forgetting my water bottle when I go out for a training ride.  I did it again this morning.  I realised after I had left the house so decided to do a different route and, depending upon how parched I was feeling, whether I would do the short route or long route.  I got the decision point and opted for the shorter route.  I’ll go out tomorrow as well to make up for it.  I am going to get Alma to make some sticky labels and will place them somewhere on the handlebar area to remind me to grab a bottle, or two. (more…)

Woohoo, won a saddle!

23 July 2010

Just got an email from MapMyRide to say that I won an FLX Men’s Saddle from Terry Bicycles.  I think it was a random drawing and not because I had the best performance on the day.  I’ll take the saddle regardless.  I am hoping it arrives in time for the 300k in September. (more…)

Competing in the Tour de France

15 July 2010

Ok, I am not really competing in the Tour de France, just virtually.  MapMyRide are holding a daily competition whereby you can cycle some miles and then see how well you did against the real boys, plus others on the site.  25 points are available for the best virtual winner, 24 points for second and all the way down to 2 points for 24th.  Everyone else gets 1 point just for riding. (more…)

Bike Candy 2

8 July 2010

Ok, here is what the front end of the bike looked like for the Cranbury 600k.  There was a lot of equipment and even though I didn’t need the iPhone, the odometer and, I was going to write, the spare headlight but I did need it, redundancy had a feel good factor to it. (more…)

Next brevet – 300k NYC

8 July 2010

The next brevet for this year, and the final one, is the NYC 300k on September 5th.  It is one day before Alma’s birthday so I think we are spending the weekend in the city – have to see whereabouts exactly the ride starts from.  Two years ago it started  by the Youth Hostel on 103rd Street but I have a feeling it will actually start in New Jersey this year.  I am waiting to hear from the organiser. (more…)