Bike Candy 2

Ok, here is what the front end of the bike looked like for the Cranbury 600k.  There was a lot of equipment and even though I didn’t need the iPhone, the odometer and, I was going to write, the spare headlight but I did need it, redundancy had a feel good factor to it.

Bike workstation

The gadgets on the bike

With the new cache battery, both the iPhone and the Garmin Edge 705 had the capability to be charged as I cycled.  A fully charged Garmin gives approximately 13 hours usage which was more than enough to get me through the two nights as I was not charging the unit as I was using the headlight.  Once dawn came, I switched the Garmin back to being charged and once it had fully been charged, it treated the cache battery as a mains unit and remained fully charged.  I am quite impressed with the set up, for dry weather, that is.  For inclement weather, I am not too sure how it is going to work.

The new Cats Eye odometer has a backlight so should I be reduced to the cue sheet and the odometer at night, I will be able to gauge distances.  On the 400k, I was not able to read the old odometer as it did not have a backlight.  This new device is wireless and goes off the front wheel rather than the back.  There is no cadence measuring with it but as I rarely use that it is no loss.

The cache battery is the Australian PedalPower+.  A specialised cable comes from the hub dynamo and plugs directly into the cache battery.  Output from the cache battery is a USB plus three round outlets primarily for mobile phones.  As I am using only the USB cables fro both Garmin and iPhone, I cannot have both charging at the same time.  That’s no big deal as I am not using them both at the same time so shouldn’t be in the situation where I run out of juice for them both.  The cache battery sits in the top frame bag – this hangs from the central frame and attaches to the rear frame stem.  This does have the disadvantage of making the water bottle holder, and inflator holder impossible to use.  Remember I lost a water bottle on the 600k?  The inflator is sitting on the front frame stem and I have yet to work out where the second water bottle can go – possibly switch to a double water bottle holder on the front.  So one side of the bag is reserved for the cache battery and cables and the other side is for energy packs etc, things I need on the ride.  Quite a useful little bag.

I still want a bigger bag for underneath the saddle.  I may even put on the pannier frame I have on the mountain bike and see if it is functional.  That may be the best option I have.  Will try that out over the weekend and let you know.


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3 Responses to “Bike Candy 2”

  1. Hamish Says:

    Can the Edge 705 record a whole 600km ride ok?

    My Edge 305 runs out of memory after about 380km I discovered on my first and only 400km brevet. It keeps counting but when you download it there is no track for the early part of the ride.

  2. Paul Murray Says:

    Hamish, it can, if it keeps power. On the 400k, it ran out of juice at the 192 mile marker and I was unsure if it would keep the data on that; it did. For the 600k, there were some notification messages coming up like database too full to record lap data but it did record the whole ride – all 36 hours (including rest stops) of it. I am thinking I should clean out the memory as I am not too sure of those warning messages. The file size was 4.3Mb. I am hoping it does the PBP next year which is 1200km.

    Here is the map of the ride:

  3. Hamish Says:

    Thanks Paul. I kept my 305 charged on the 400km brevet using a AA-powered USB charger, one of those “emergency charger” devices for mobile phones. It worked quite well. With more batteries it would easily get through the 600km or 1200km, but memory space is a problem. I will have to think about switching to a 705. Also I am using battery powered lights and need to work out how to get through 1200km with those too.

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