Water bottles and road repairs

I seem to have gotten into a nasty habit of forgetting my water bottle when I go out for a training ride.  I did it again this morning.  I realised after I had left the house so decided to do a different route and, depending upon how parched I was feeling, whether I would do the short route or long route.  I got the decision point and opted for the shorter route.  I’ll go out tomorrow as well to make up for it.  I am going to get Alma to make some sticky labels and will place them somewhere on the handlebar area to remind me to grab a bottle, or two.

Road repairs – what can I say that I haven’t said already?  I do believe people who do them do not think of cyclists as they fill in the holes.  More often than not, they leave the road in a worse state than before.  On Townline Road, there is some new construction going on and where the heavy vehicles have been climbing on to the sidewalk and back again on to the road, the road has sunk a bit.  It was not too bad and I found an optimal line through the drop that was smooth.  This morning, I noticed that they had filled it in and as I was already lined up for my path through the area, I had no option but to go over the repair.  Write about BIG BUMPS!!  Terrible, absolutely terrible.

Townline Road is the border between two towns, Smithtown and Islip and I am not too sure who I should complain to.  I do need to complain as if they are not responsible for the repair, they had better make sure that whoever is doing it, does a good job.  I am thinking it is Islip as there were some other repairs near the service road for I-495 and they are just as bad.

Incidentally, it felt quite fresh when I opened the front door this morning.  I was soon warmed up but it was most noticeable after the very hot days we have been having the past few weeks.


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