Still improving times

My times for the regular routes are still coming down.  I am finding the cycling easier to do and am upping the gears and as a result, I go faster for the same effort and my times improve.  Every time I go out I tell myself that I am not going to be racing myself but I get to a certain point in the ride and that my average speed is up at that point so I press on.  I am pleased about this effort but not sure where and when I will peak.  My average speed was 18.9 mph which does not seem a lot but it is up by a lot for the year.  It’ll be interesting to see how the winter rides compare.

It was hot and humid when I went out tonight.  The sweat was pouring off my face by the end of the ride and there was no evaporation.  That was not nice.  The roads were not too bad with traffic – I had thought the earlier time would have meant more traffic.  I only have one place to worry about, where the exit roads from Nichol’s go on to I-495.  Traffic criss crosses the lanes underneath I-495 and I just hope that they see me as I cycle along the straight on lane.  So far so good.

I’ll be back out tomorrow morning for a quick ride and then again on Sunday.  I still have yet to write down my training plan for August.  After the 300k in September, I shall be doing some running.  I did a two mile run at the hotel last on our anniversary and I did it in about 22 minutes.  Yes, way slow but it was a run and I am not too confident in running.  I have a dodgy knee from an old football (soccer) injury years ago.  I hated running at school – the one sport I did not like but we had to do those cross country runs throughout winter at the start of a double games lesson.  However, I am going to try and do an official 5km run in October.  We shall see.  It’s not that much further than 2 miles!!  I am secretly dreaming of a short triathlon and if I can run, then it’s a go.


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